Well…its been awhile

…it has almost been 7 months since the last entry….which makes it exactly 7 months since we discovered that there will be three of us soon! yep … we are 29 weeks pregnant!
So it’s all a bit exciting!
We also had people staying with us for the last …mhm nearly 2 1/2 months. Friends and family from Germany trying to escape the long long winter over there.
Which also meant lots of day-trips and interstate trips over the last couple of months.
Sewing – got a bit neglected and …oh dear!
I miss it sooooo much.
Two more days and the last visitors are leaving and I will probably lock myself in the sewing room for a week- trying to get all these ideas out of my head.
So keep looking …
There will be some lovely little hoodies popping up on my etsy store soon
till then
Take care

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