Autumn leaves

Another week has passed and things are finally getting done. My stash for the upcoming market is growing and I pretty sure this time I am organised. (hahah – I wish)
Finally got my industrial sewing machine fixed yesterday by this lovely mechanic as even my engineering degree didn’t help figuring out whats wrong with it! So now there is no excuse for not working – other than a very messy room and a tiny baby!
Iggy and I are enjoying each others company and we did a couple of big walks down to the creek where Yella (our dog) usually has a big swim. We made it all the way up to the Reservoir Recycling centre where I found this rad big yellow reels of Nylon yarn which will look excellent as stall decoration.

Taraa – and here are some new leggings I made this week. I struggle with good girls styles and I am very happy with these. Find them here. or come and visit me at the Sisters’ market at the Brunswick Town hall Saturday 14th of August.

I’m still drooling over this fabric – but will never be able to afford it. Screenprinted by hand from Sweden- this would make wonderful pillows! 

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