thoughts of the day…

The last market for this year is over and done with – and I’m so glad it is all finished.
I might have slight market burn out and need some time to recover!
I love markets – don’t get me wrong!
But something has changed – and I am wondering if imported wooden toys from Asia or a wholesaler of fresh water pearls- has still anything to do with the “handmade” pledge we all signed up for.
There are still so many fantastic crafters, designers and makers out there- but I feel like Melbourne might have become a touch saturated with markets in recent times…..

For now- I’m working on some new styles and spending some time with my loved ones.
I’m very excited with my latest addition to my hoodie range.
It’s a ladybug!

Hope you are all finding some time out at this crazy time of the year….a cup of tea is always a good idea!

4 thoughts on “thoughts of the day…

  1. I really love this design, I hope you still have some left when the weather gets cooler, i'd buy one now but emma is growing so fast that i don't know what size she'll be in.Ive decided to cancel all my markets too

  2. My sister picked up the red and white striped pants with white cuff for Ruby, my 6month old for Christmas. I love them!!Love the new hoodie design too, Ruby might get one for her birthday for winter!

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