Lemon season…

It’s that time of the year again when literally hundreds of lemons are hanging off our tree.
There are lemons muffins in the oven as we speak.
I’m excited but believe me ….
in about two weeks time they will be sitting in buckets outside on the footpath for people to take.
If anyone would like some lemons around the Preston area,
feel free to come by!  (Please!)

Just in time for the cold weather our heater broke 2 days ago …ugh!
I’ve been getting around in ridiculous outfits to keep me warm.
I’m off to the city later on…just to get out of this cold house.

Oh and if you have any favourite lemon recipes
please share!


One thought on “Lemon season…

  1. Ha, we got a whole one lemon from our little potted lemon tree. Which is actually quite good since we only bought it last year. Oskar (2) picked it and my husband, who devotes his time to our plants, was devastated. My fave lemon recipe is my mum’s lemon delicious pudding but the recipe is still buried in a box somewhere amongst all the other moving paraphernalia.

    Enjoy your lemons and hope that heater is fixed by now!

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