Toilet training, hot days and getting back into work.

Senior I.Frozen toyWaterplay 1production

We are in the process of getting this little man toilet trained.
Some days are better than others but we will get there eventually. I hope.
There is no rush- but this warm weather makes it ideal as he can just float around with no nappies.

I’ve been busy working on designs and patterns for new winter styles.
Sweaters, merino’s and some new designs and colours in our popular skinny jeans are on the horizon.

In some other exciting news,
Hipkin a new australian online store has launched early last week and has become our newest stockists.
Go check out their website – they have an amazing range of denim in stock.

1.cutest little bum around
2.frozen toy for some entertainment on a hot day and bothered
4.denim production line


3 thoughts on “Toilet training, hot days and getting back into work.

  1. That ice excavation game looks like so much fun! Exciting about your new stockist, I’m glad to have found your blog. I thought we would be toilet training over here this Summer too, but we have had guests and it has been super busy so we haven’t really gotten our act together. Oh well, maybe in Autumn…

  2. Excited to have found your brand!! Can you please tell me more about becoming a stockist? I will do some more research and hopefully be able to contact you more privately lol!

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