at home

June 12web
DinnerSunday outing
A week at home – a week as a family of four.
A week of ups and and a week of downs.

Looking after a sick and miserable 3 year old wasn’t really on my agenda on our first week at home.
Trying to keep him away in a safe distance from his tiny sister even harder.
Andy is getting back into the swing of work (oh the joys of running your own business)
while us two girls are still trying to figure out this whole feed/sleep thing.
But we are getting the hang of it.

 We have been so very well looked after by our amazing friends who brought us beautiful cooked food night after night.
There were bags full of bread, chocolates, magazines, the most amazing bunches of flowers and handknitted wares delivered to our doorsteps.
With both our families living far away (4 hour drive and a 22hr plane trip) this has been kind of a big deal…and we are oh so GRATEFUL for it.

The winter sun is finally out again and I can get all this washing done which has been filling our laundry floor.
I think tomorrow is calling for a cake and some gardening… or maybe a winter day at the beach ?!


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