Happy birthday little Junebug

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A few weeks ago we decided to go away for June’s 1st birthday  – it was a long weekend afterall.  I’ve looked up some dog friendly accommodation, checked with our good friends if they wanted to come along and booked what looked quite ok, not so pricey, not so far away….you know the drill.

Little did I know we would spent the next 4 days in one of the prettiest places on earth. Seriously!!!
Tarra Bulga -is part of the Strzelecki Ranges and derives its name from the Indigenous word ‘Bulga’, for mountain, and ‘Tarra’, from Charlie Tarra, the name of the Aboriginal guide who trekked with explorer Count Strzelecki through Gippsland in 1840.
It’s forest so thick , the ferns so lush and the trees so tall, I can only image how hard it must’ve been to cut through the thick scrubs when they first explored it.

Our little house was nestled down in the valley, right next to a river full of yabbies.  The garden so versatile and magical it took days to explore.  Our dog was in heaven!!!!
We saw wombats, Lyrebirds, removed leeches from our clothes, strolled in the pouring rain, slipped down the muddy slope and warmed our feet by the fire.
We didn’t do too much – we all didn’t feel our very best – and this was the perfect place to relax and get better – sipping tea and spending time with friends we don’t often get to see in these hectic days.

No phone reception – early nights and a little ones first birthday. Hooray!
Your brother woke you and the rest of the house with a croaky and loud ‘happy birthday song’ (my heart melted right then and there)  I can’t believe you are one already!!!
Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl.xx

PS: I’m sorry your cake got eaten by a mouse the night before your birthday.


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