making time

creek5creek3creek4creek9creek1creek7creek2Moving studios, planning house renovations and spending every single minute at work while the kids are in kinder/care have left their marks.
I’m exhausted, with a feeling of guilt of not doing one thing properly and way to many things half hearted. Trying so hard to catch up with the piles of washing, the grocery shopping the cleaning up – but in reality I never will.
I need some down time and stop being so wrapped up in being BUSY!.

So – on Fridays I pick you up early from kinder and we have 2 hours of just you and me ( +our dog).
We park the car, (and the phone) inhale and start walking. We run, skip and climb, we sit, we talk and we laugh. We get dirty, wet and we PLAY!

As much as you really enjoy this- it’s me who is having the best time ever.


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